GIRAFFE ‘I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better’ ABRAHAM LINCOLN

Giraffe Spotting

GIRAFFE SPOTTING! The Giraffe inspires a sense of connection, community, well-being and safety. It’s a peaceful and sweet-natured animal but it is also powerful and determined. It does not judge or attribute faults, nor does it overpower or threaten. The Giraffe strives to soften tension and conflict and promote peace in the world. Observation exercise: […]

Giraffe Reflection

PAUSE FOR REFLECTION There are times in life when we are expected to work with people who we don’t particularly like. This is quite a normal occurrence in workplaces. We all have our individual preferences and we’re all different so it’s difficult, even unrealistic, to like or get on with everyone. We need to be […]

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Book a Call The 5 Chairs welcomes anyone whose ambitions are to know themselves better, live to their full potential and generate happiness and success for themselves and others. We work with all generations, all professions and all cultures. We also support leaders who are responsible for the individual and collective behaviors of those they […]