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The 5 Chairs Educational project was born out of the enthusiasm of teachers, principals and schools in various parts of the world who saw the value of the Chairs methodology for children’s education and were eager to integrate it into their local school syllabi.

We are grateful to all our partners for the time and dedication they have spent in adapting the 5 Chairs Tool to their local contexts and for designing and experimenting materials suitable for children, especially from the ages of 4 to 14. This is an exciting ongoing project and our ultimate aim is to bring it to as many children and schools as possible across the world.

An important part of the program is to involve also the parents of children following the training and familiarize them with the teachings of The 5 Chairs so that we can effect change across whole communities.


The 5 Chairs program helps children become aware of the difference between productive and unproductive behaviors. It helps them face rising tensions in their daily encounters with others in order to maintain harmonious and happy relationships. Teachers say they find the 5 Chairs tool a highly effective way of teaching students about behavioral agility. The 5 color-coded chairs with their 5 matching animals represent specific traits and behaviors which prompt the students to reflect on the daily choices they are making when interacting with others.The animals act as mirrors to the children’s own behaviors helping them become more self-aware and responsible. Pythagoras Academy, BC, Canada
This programme is an adventure which leads to an understanding of how certain characteristics of animals relate to human behavior. It’s a conversation that becomes part of the classrooms’ journey encouraging the children to emulate Meerkats, Dolphins and Giraffes which are confident, brave, self-aware, honest and kind. The children quickly learn to identify behaviors in themselves that they want to change and just as importantly, they begin to understand the impact of their actions on others. They learn from each other and their conversations become part of who they are and lead them towards self-regulation’.


Teacher at Derinya Primary School - Victoria - Australia


Children respond to the concept of 5 choices immediately. They deeply relate to the animal metaphors and quickly begin to recognise ‘Jackal’ behavior when they see it and feel it. They aspire to being Dolphins, Meerkats and Giraffes. They refer to the Hedgehog by asking their friends why they are being so hard on themselves.

Children become empowered when they recognize their ability to change situations and reconcile conflict by responding with thoughtful, mindful approaches.

The 5 Chairs - Louise Evans

“Since I introduced the 5 Chairs method into the Pythagoras Academy many students who come to my office can already provide themselves with their own wise guidance and they rarely repeat ineffective behaviors. I have observed students becoming empowered as they recognize their ability to change situations by responding with thoughtful, mindful approaches. They begin to look beyond the surface when faced with aggressive behavior and not take it on or own it at a personal level.”


Principal at The Pythagoras Academy, BC, Canada


A deep heartfelt thanks goes to our special partners who are supporting us on the journey to bring The 5 Chairs into schools.
The 5 Chairs - Louise Evans
The 5 Chairs - Louise Evans

British Columbia - Canada

Sector: Education

Project: 5 Chairs Pilot Program for 3 years – 2021 – 2023

Goal: to become the premier school in British Colombia to lead The 5 Chair approach and to help other schools become aware of this behavioral agility program.

The 5 Chairs - Louise Evans
The 5 Chairs - Louise Evans
The 5 Chairs - Louise Evans

Victoria - Australia

Sector: Education

Project: 5 Animals 5 Chairs for 4- 6 year olds

Goal: We need a goal here

The 5 Chairs - Louise Evans
This is some of the childrens’ artwork from the 5 Chair program at Derinya Primary School- The Giraffe and the Jackal

Bombay - INDIA

Sector: Education

Project Head: Rima Medhi

Project: Training to children and young adults (4-15yrs)

Goal: We need a goal here


The 5 Chairs welcomes anyone whose ambitions are to know themselves better, live to their full potential and generate happiness and success for themselves and others. We work with all generations, all professions and all cultures. We also support leaders who are responsible for the individual and collective behaviors of those they lead.

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The 5 Chairs - Louise Evans