This star program at The 5 Chairs Academy takes you on a journey of self-reflection and self-discovery to explore the way you TALK, BEHAVE and RELATE in every activity of your daily life…

The highly innovative and powerful mind tool, The 5 Chairs, will guide you on a path to become your most authentic and productive version of yourself. You will learn to constantly ask yourself ‘Who do I want to be right now?’ and to take full responsibility for the impact you are having both on yourself and in the world.

The journey is truly transformational and regenerative and we guarantee you will walk away feeling more enlightened and empowered than ever in your own life.

The learning journey includes:

After the 5 Chairs course I’m applying more and more a deep active listening approach and meerkat behavior before responding. As promised, I’ve also started not to blame my colleagues, family and friends, and I have to admit that everything is much better.



Positive social interactions are fundamental for successful living and working. Our personal and professional lives transform when we become proficient at essential ‘human skills’ such as:

This program makes people more sensitive to their own power and influence in the world and acts as a wake up call to how we all contribute to the general well-being of our world.

Our own individual transformation will directly impact the positive evolution of teams, organizations, families and whole communities. This is a chance for us all to step up.



The 5 Chairs welcomes anyone whose ambitions are to know themselves better, live to their full potential and generate happiness and success for themselves and others. We work with all generations, all professions and all cultures. We also support leaders who are responsible for the individual and collective behaviors of those they lead.

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The 5 Chairs - Louise Evans