Master The Giraffe of 5 Chairs and Become a Behavioral Ninja

By Louise Evans, Founder, The 5 Chairs

Empathy is one of the most important qualities we can possess as human beings. It enables us to connect with others on a deeper level, understand their experiences and feelings, and offer support and solace when needed. In today’s hyper-individualistic world, where personal branding and virtual social media communication reign supreme, empathy is a rare, even magical ability. However, it is precisely in these times that empathy is most needed.

Picture this: You’re at a company gathering, drink in hand, when you notice someone in the corner with a pained expression on their face. You’re torn between the urge to mingle and the desire to help. Welcome to the magical world of empathy! You’re about to embark on a journey to connect with your fellow humans on a whole new level.

In a world where everyone’s trying to stand out on social media and “brand” themselves, empathy is like the cool, mysterious cousin that only a select few are in on. And you’re about to join the club!

What if I told you that with just twenty minutes of genuine empathy, you could heal someone’s deepest wounds? That’s what the Dalai Lama believes, and who are we to argue with him? Imagine if we all stopped to truly listen and understand each other. We’d have the recipe for a utopian world. Or, at the very least, a utopian dinner party.


But let’s face it, empathy isn’t always a walk in the park. It’s like learning to ride a bike without training wheels – you’ve got to put your ego aside, give someone else the spotlight, and pedal through the bumps and bruises. In this fast-paced, dog-eat-dog world, that’s no easy feat.

How to Become a Wizard of Empathy

Wizard of EmpathyEmpathy pushes most of us beyond our comfort zones. When we fully open up to understanding and supporting other people, we move into unknown territories where life is no longer ‘on our terms’. Unless we are seasoned empathizers, putting other people ahead of ourselves will automatically open us up to uncertainty.

To become an empathy Wizard, you’ve got to embrace the wild, unpredictable ride that life throws at us. It’s about staying curious, showing you care, and being genuinely decent to one another – whether you’re best buds or sworn enemies.

So how do you conjure up empathy at work and at home? Here’s a handy spellbook of empathy skills you’ll need to practice:

Ego relegation: Think of empathy as an act of generosity – you’re giving your ego a vacation and allowing someone else to take center stage. Adopt a servant mindset and be there for others as they navigate their rollercoaster of emotions.

Presence: Be the Dumbledore to their Harry Potter by giving them the gift of your undivided attention. When you’re fully present, they’ll unlock new levels of self-understanding and growth.

Perspective-taking: Conflict brewing? Practice your empathy wizardry by diving into each other’s viewpoints. You don’t have to agree, but showing respect and acknowledgment for their perspective can pave the way to magical outcomes.

Empathetic listening: Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes and become an expert at deciphering hidden meanings and emotions. Forget about preparing your comeback – focus on truly understanding what they’re saying.

Empathy is like having a magic wand up your sleeve that can transform relationships and our world. Of course, it takes conscious effort to consistently practice empathy in our daily lives, but the rewards are priceless. So go forth, intrepid empathizer, and conjure up a more compassionate and connected world.

About The 5 Chairs

The 5 Chairs model is a positively magical tool for improving communication by helping us to understand our own behavior and perspectives, as well as those of others. 

The Purple Chair (Giraffe: Connect) is about empathy and understanding, and deeply connecting with others.

By using the 5 Chairs model, we can become more conscious of our own behavior and reactions, and choose to respond in a way that is more constructive and empathetic. 

Ultimately, the 5 Chairs can help us to improve our communication and relationships with others by encouraging us to become more self-aware and empathetic. By understanding and respecting different perspectives and experiences, we can build stronger and more meaningful connections with the people around us.


​​Are you ready to become a behavioral ninja with a touch of giraffe empathetic wizardry? The 5 Chairs Intro Course  is calling your name! This wildly innovative and universally-acclaimed self-paced video course is chock-full of 22 mesmerizing videos, exercises, scenarios, and tips to help you reign supreme in any situation. The course covers an enchanting range of topics, from vanquishing toxic behaviors to mastering the art of judgment-free observation, taming your inner critic, and strengthening your bond to allies.

The 5 Chairs Intro Course is practical, unforgettable, and a downright blast to learn. Its foundation lies in simple, digestible concepts and metaphors (including our lovable giraffe) that cater to all learning styles, employing rich sensory messaging to ensure the lessons stick. The cherry on top? It’s a universal potion that transcends cultures and generations, making it a magical tool for one and all.

The benefits of taking The 5 Chairs Intro Course  are as numerous as a giraffe’s spots. Course graduates rave about their newfound self-awareness, self-understanding, behavioral control, resilience, and improved relationships in both professional and personal realms. It’s a transformative experience that will help you morph into your best self, and in turn, cast a ripple effect of positive evolution across teams, organizations, families, and entire communities. So hop on your trusty giraffe and let the empathetic wizardry begin!

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